Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Side Effects That You Should Know

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression TherapyYou break your spinal, but you are too scared to face the surgeons’ barricade? Fortunately there are some alternative medical treatments that you can take to solve your problem, and most of them are non-surgical. For example, you can try shock wave therapy, vibration therapy, cyropracthic, nutrition therapy, and decompression.

Surely those therapies won’t involve things that you’re afraid of such slicer, scissor, and knife, but don’t ever think that those alternatives are free from side effects! Special on this article, you’ll be presented to the last alternative of therapy risk; yes, it’s about non-surgical spinal decompression side effects. So what are they? Just pay attention on upcoming paragraphs!

Before go to its side effects, let’s allow spinal decompression to introduce itself. Decompression itself refers to make a room for spinal to regain its proper position. Usually non surgical decompression process can be done with massaging or heating; or the combination of both methods. It sounds easy and comfortable enough, but as cited before, there won’t be medical treatments without risks, no exception from alternatives or herbal ones.

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Non surgical spinal decompression side effects that will likely occur are:

1. Longer time. Compared to surgery, decompression is rather biting around the bush or not to the point. The main problem is inside the body, so don’t expect fast and best result if you only work on the outside. That’s the simple fact. 2. Risk of spinal slip or dislocation. Nah, boy, this is the worst side effect and the bad news, this case not only happen once or twice.

Usually this “additional accident” occurs due to miss massaging process, whether it is error in determining the point, rub too hard, etc. 3. Extra-pain. Have you ever been massaged when you sprained your ankle? How does it feel? If only ankle-sprain feels that bad, then you can imagine yourself how does it hurt against broken spinal. So, that’s all Non surgical spinal decompression side effects that you should know. If you brave enough, go ahead!