How to Accelerate Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery Process

Recovery After Spinal Fusion SurgeryHello guys, how are you today? First, this article would like to congratulate you because you’ve out from surgery room alive. Now it’s time for you to think about how to get your feet back on the ground after this heavy trial with best result.

Just believe, if you do it with full effort and pray, God will grants your hope. And to help you escape from this hard condition faster, this article will give you tips about how to accelerate spinal fusion surgery recovery process, special for you. See paragraph below for details!

Accelerate or quicken spinal fusion surgery recovery process can be started with simple things related to lifestyle. First, eat the nutritious food and avoid the junk food. Food which good for back or vertebrate post-surgery patient include these: 1. Protein sources such red beans, beef, and albumin. This kind of food will help rearrangement process of damaged cells and replace the dead cells with the new ones. 2. Vitamin supplier.

Fruits with high anti-oxidant essence such grape, apple, mangosteen; plus vegetables with same function such broccoli, carrot, and mustard help your body to regain its immunity after the surgery. 3. Calcium. Increase the calcium intake in your body by consuming milk, seafood, etc. Calcium will give much assist in re-fortifying process of your damaged backbone.

Recovery After Spinal Fusion Surgery Tips

Recovery From Spinal Fusion Surgery

There are several things that must be avoided as well. First is eating too much. It’s true that post surgery patient need large amount of nutrition, but eating in excessive amount will lead to obesity, which obviously can obstruct the process of post-surgery recovery. Alcohols and cigarette are obviously prohibited, unless you want to get another problem before your recovery process is done.

Don’t forget to do regular check to your doctor and get some advises from him/her. So, that’s all the tips about speeding up the spinal fusion surgery recovery process, get better soon!