What to Expect After Back Fusion Surgery Depends on These Factors!

Post Spinal Fusion Surgery RecoveryHaving back or vertebrate bones broken might be the worst nightmare for everyone. Several threats from abnormality up to total paralysis are within sight. However, there will always be a glimpse of hope, even 100% recovery is possible if God purposes. So, for you who have to go up to the surgery table for vertebrate re-fusion, don’t be discouraged! With effort and prayer, everything is possible. So, what to expect after back fusion surgery? Here are some probabilities that may bring back your spirit to recover!

As mentioned before, it can’t be denied that the worst possibility is total paralysis or they can’t get up anymore and must spend the rest of their life on bed or wheelchair. Yet, there are some factors which make what to expect after back fusion surgery can be granted with maximum results. The first factor is the level of damage. If it’s only cracked or bone slide case, any standard surgery can guarantee 80 up to 100% recovery.

The worse may come up when it’s multiple joint-fractures or when part of the vertebrate is damaged into pieces. For the multiple fractures case, the less amount of fracture means the better possibility for the sufferer to recover. Otherwise, if the fractures are more than 50% of the length of vertebrate, the chance of full recovery will be smaller.

Exercises After Back Fusion Surgery

After Fusion Back Surgery Expect

For the bones that broken into pieces, the surgeon must do re-construction and it will take longer time to be accomplished. Thanks to the advancement of technology, artificial bone implementing allows some patients whose vertebrate broken into pieces got better result, at least they survived from total paralysis threat.

However, the fact that method costs lot of money is absolutely true. In conclusion, what to expect after back fusion surgery depends on the damage level and the method of treatment, as well as patient’s financial.