Natalie Gulbis Before and After Back Surgery

Natalie Gulbis Before and After Back Surgery – Natalie Gulbis has been known so well as one of the professional golfers who have ever joined Ladies Professional Golfer Association (LPGA). Recently, she has revealed how her life has been after she started to play golf professionally. She told the interviewer about her career and her life, especially how is the life of Natalie Gulbis Before And After Back Surgery. Then, if you are very curious about it, you better keep reading below.

Natalie Gulbis Back Surgery

The life of Natalie Gulbis Before And After Back Surgerywas started when she was 18 years old, which was after she joined the LPGA Tour. At the time, she felt like she has started injuring her back so awfully. That particular thing made her live with the awful and chronic back injury for several years. So then, she had to get the cortisone injections in order to make her condition always good. Then, she also spent so much time for getting the physical therapy.

She kept doing the cortisone injections and the physical therapy since then. But, in 2009, she felt that the back pain was getting worse and worse. This bad condition of her made her miss her six events at the time. So, the bed back pain made her go to the doctor to find out what was actually happening with her back. Then, when she met the doctor, the doctor gave her two options which are getting retired from golfing or having a back surgery. The doctor actually recommended her for getting retired from golfing, but Gulbis refused it.

Natalie Gulbis Back Surgery 1

Furthermore, she decided to have the laser spine surgery after getting some recommendations from a friend. She took that decision after considering that the laser spine surgery will be the best method can be done to get her free from the bad back injury. She thought that this particular method could help her understanding what the cause of the injury was. Besides, there were only minimal procedures she had to take when she did the laser spine surgery.

Then, after she did the back surgery, she found herself felt so much better about her back. Every morning she just woke up and walked around, and then she did not feel any pain no more. Even, she felt greater than she had since she was 18 years old. So, it is proven that the laser spine surgery has changed the life of Natalie Gulbis Before And After Back Surgery well. However, she has to keep protecting her body from getting back injury.